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    Easton Antiques Fair

    Welcome to EASTON Antiques Fair

    The Easton Antiques Fair is now the EASTON ANTIQUES FAIR
    Easton College, Bawburgh Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 5DU

    One of Norfolk’s longest standing and largest antique fairs is under new ownership for the first time in 18 years. Easton Antiques and Collectors Fair has been taken over by Philip and Claire Crosthwaite who already have a successful antique furniture business Cloverleaf Home Interiors in the village of Caston.

    Some of the existing stand holders have been coming since the beginning and remember the first fair where 1600 people came through the doors and almost brought the small but beautiful Georgian market town to a standstill. There have been famous faces through the doors over the years with Martin Shaw and Rick Wakeman to name two. The fantastic thing about Easton Fair is that it is monthly so a great place for dealers who want to regularly re-plenish their stock without the buyers and sellers premiums of auction houses and often in the case of furniture items in ready to sell/retail condition. This last Sunday of every month fair has been a focal point for some of the best dealers whether selling or buying. The fair is very well attended by the public as again there is lots of variety with the fair not datelined but the key criteria being quality.

    Last Sunday of each month
    9.30am to 3.30pm
    (Guide dogs only)
    £1 Entry Fee
    Easton Antiques Fair
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    What we are looking to sell

    The fair has been held in the Sports hall at Easton and recently with additional building work there is an opportunity for more stands. We are looking for quality dealers to join the fair.

    Please remember that the fair for many years has had a waiting list for dealers and only now with the extra capacity of max 70 will that waiting list open up. The fair has Silver, furniture, ceramics, glass, clocks, jewellery, tools, books, postcards and Vintage fashion with prices from £3 to £5000. There is catering at the fair with all cakes, quiches, sausage rolls, sandwiches homemade. The fair has been hugely beneficial to local business over the years with the influx of people into the town on fair Sundays.

    The antique business has changed over the years with the introduction of on line selling but lots of people still want to handle stock and see it in the flesh Easton provides that opportunity. We work in one of the greenest industries with the antique trade being the ultimate in recycling. We are also aware of the strong antique young guns movement and are looking for young aspiring dealers.
    £30 per stand
    Are you interested in taking a stand?
    Please call Phil, Claire or Lesley on 01953 483 691 - 07919 040 909 or email paccrosthwaite@btinternet.com
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    Photos from past fairs

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    What our visitors say...

    Old regulars appreciate new look!
    – John and Elaine from Bunwell
    Best Event I've been to in years
    – Cecil from Plymouth
    First visit - very impressed with the high quality, and number of stalls
    – Patrick, Jill and Sandra from Wymondham
    Such eclectic stalls and friendly interesting people
    – J & A from Holt
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    Where to find us

    Easton College, Bawburgh Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 5DU
    £1 Entry Fee
    01953 483 691 | 07919 040909
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